Who we are?

The Hair Solutions Center was established over twenty years ago, and every day serves faithfully many customers who want a change, either because of the desire to innovate and change, or whether due to thinning or hair loss. The center is divided into several sections that specialize in different areas – private, personal advice by Eli Cohen, a research and development room, a section for adjustments and carrying out installations and arrangements of wigs and hair extensions, a hair care section, and sections for repairs and hair styling.

Eli Cohen founded the oncological hair salon at Ichilov Hospital for women with hair loss and hair thinning due to illness. Eli Cohen, architect of wigs and hair pieces is known in the world of hair styling by this title not only because of the professionalism and quality of service that the Hair Solutions Center provides, but mainly due to Eli’s pleasant and humane personality which makes every visit to the Center a personal and empowering experience for each customer. The center was established over twenty years ago, and faithfully serves many customers each day who wish to change – whether due to their desire to innovate and change, or whether due to thinning and hair loss in the case of illness.

The feeling of full, natural hair, blowing in the wind, pleasant to stroke and to the touch, that symbolizes beauty, youth and femininity, you will be surprised to hear, is an amazing feeling to experience and all the more so, difficult to lose due to faulty genetics, irregular and incorrect lifestyle, hormonal changes or due to diseases and serious medical problems. This is reflected precisely in the most obvious benefits of hair pieces that are part of the custom made wigs manufactured of natural hair, that connect to the scalp using proprietary methods which ensure durability and stability in every given situation – in wind, rain, in the swimming pool or the sea, in humidity or dryness – in short, anytime and anywhere.

An additional substantial benefit of connecting hair extensions using the proprietary methods that are exclusive and unique to Eli Cohen, is that they do not cause adverse skin reactions, inflammations or allergic reactions, do not leave marks after removal, do not tear out hair (which happens in most cases) and they look like an integral and natural part of the head, with stunning end results.

Call now and we will be happy to tell you during a free consultation which method of hair filling is appropriate for your hair and that will prevent future damage.